Tsurumi has given its LSC a performance increase: the model new model of the residual dewatering pump now reaches cellars 15 m deep.
LSC is a strong new tool for removing soiled water out of buildings.
Compared to เกจวัดแรงดันpsi , Tsurumi‘s new LSC2.75S model has an output enhance of around 36 % however is only fifty five mm taller. With 750 w of motor power, the submersible pump now strikes 228 lpm. Alternatively, it can pump over a vertical distance of 15 m, which is equal to about five building flooring. Placed on level floor, the LSC draws off the unwanted water leaving solely a residual peak of about 1 mm.
The pumping motion doesn’t have to be supervised. The LSC can be repositioned throughout operation with out water operating again. Due to the small diameter of the housing, the pump fits via slim pipes with internal diameters of 200 mm. In peak, the pump measures solely 37 cm general, with a dry weight of solely 15 kg. There are not any protruding elements, the base plate is made of rubberised chrome steel.
Users can turn the hose nozzle (50 mm) to empty the water horizontally instead of vertically. Sucked up pebbles 6 mm in size are technically irrelevant. Lubrication and cooling is assured even when no water is flowing. เกจวัดแรงดันถังลม is forged, making a short circuit due to creeping water impossible. Ultra-hard supplies corresponding to silicon carbide in the mechanical seal stand for long service lives.