Pumps & water technology agency EKKI’s dewatering options recently supported Tamil Nadu and different coastal areas in India to handle and pump out rainwater rapidly from flooded areas.
The State of Tamil Nadu in India has suffered important flooding recently and EKKI has been proactive in offering its dewatering solutions to help take away flood waters in the affected areas. EKKI not only offered its pumps for the operations, but in addition deployed its technical staff to assist work on the bottom.
EKKI’s Bozo dewatering pressure gauge วัด แรง ดัน น้ำ are designed for this type of operation as they are able to handling high volumes of water and withstanding the hardest working conditions. The company designs and manufacture a full line of Bozo dewatering pumps particularly constructed to help combat undesirable water from floods.
Kanishka Arumugam Co-CEO of EKKI, said that via the company’s partnership with wastewater specialist, HOMA, it is among the only a few water know-how firms in the world to provide full storm water & dewatering pump options up to 500HP and has deep design information in this space.
He added: “We are happy to be partnering with the government authorities in Tamil Nadu, India to enhance people’s lives in these troublesome instances, we look forward to continued collaboration with the government to assist alleviate related conditions sooner or later.”