KleenOil India, a producer of commercial oil filtration techniques, has helped to considerably improve the product quality of chilly rolling sheets for its steel trade consumer, by putting in a FiltraMag+ from Eclipse Magnetics within its annealing process.
Filtramag’s integral twin flow know-how ensures that extraction rates are maximised. – Image: Eclipse Magnetics
The company had beforehand used a conventional magnetic roller separator to protect its electrolytic cleaning line (ECL) from ferrous contamination. However, with a magnetic efficiency of just 6000 gauss, the gathering performance was insufficient and significant issues had been occurring with the standard of its completed merchandise.
An ECL is used throughout the metal trade to assist clear and strip the surface of the steel sheet of rolling dust through the use of an alkaline resolution. The materials passes between electrodes, immersed in tanks containing the electrolyte. Whilst this method is simpler in cleaning cold rolled metal than typical cleansing processes, the instability of the chemical compounds can and do cause issues.
Reduced effectiveness
Whilst a magnetic roll separator can supply a degree of protection inside these circumstances, its effectiveness could be considerably reduced, leading to contamination removing between 30-40%. Despite the magnetic roller being installed, the alkaline solution was still heavily saturated with dust particles and was affected by an unstable PH level that combined have been leading to significant rusting during the course of leading to scratching of the final product.
Filtramag+ presents nice particle extraction efficiency inside stainless steel manufacturing. – Image: Eclipse Magnetics
Filtration efficiency
Effective filtration of the alkaline answer is paramount to make sure optimal effectivity of the ECL and easily having any magnetic filter or separator just isn’t guaranteed to unravel the ferrous contamination drawback. The efficiency of the filtration is dependent upon the magnetic material sort, dimension of the magnet, magnetic strength and also the fluid flow dynamics. A low strength magnet or minimal exposure to the fluid will not carry out to the required levels. In this case, 400mg/m2 of contaminant was remaining within the fluid after passing by way of the magnetic curler.
Prolonging pump lifespan
It is necessary not only to make use of the correct product for the method in question, however the greater level of solution protection supplies extra advantages, together with prolonging the lifespan of the pump as properly as a discount in associated costs related to upkeep and wastage. Passing 500 l/min, with over 10,000 l of fluid utilized in a by-pass manner, the Eclipse Magnetics’ Filtramag+, positioned on the return line, lowered contamination in this software throughout the alkaline solution from 400mg/m2 to only 30mg/m2 by removing the fantastic mud particles that were inflicting problems.
Filtramag’s high-intensity patented Neodymium magnetic circuits. – Image: Eclipse Magnetics
Ankrish Kapur, director of gross sales and strategy at KleenOil India defined: “The magnetic roller was not offering sufficient safety to the fluid in this software, and it highlights the significance of selecting the correct methodology of magnetic safety. Due to the fine particles circulating within the alkaline resolution, important rusting was being created through the ECL process that was causing injury to the metal sheet. We recommended Filtramag+, a highly efficient magnetic filtration system to our consumer as its capacity to remove even the best particles from fluids would significantly enhance the problems that the business was going through. By installing the Filtramag+, our shopper was instantly provided greater levels of protection against the harm that have been being attributable to the contaminated resolution. We work regularly with Eclipse Magnetics high-performance merchandise and all the time see vital, optimistic results soon after installation of the filter.”
Effective magnetic filtration
The Filtramag+ magnetic filter from Eclipse Magnetics provides high-intensity eleven,000 Gauss, patented Neodymium magnetic circuits, making it significantly effective to be used with materials which have decrease magnetic permeability similar to forged iron and tungsten carbide. It is designed for harsh chemical wash techniques, with its dual-flow know-how ensuring that extraction charges are maximised as ferrous particles are uncovered to the magnets twice on a single move via the filter.
As pressure gauge ไฮ ด รอ ลิ ค of the installation, the company is no longer affected by broken completed parts, has decreased its scrappage and waste, as nicely as prolonging the lifetime of the pump.